I acquired a spinal cord injury in 2008 after a motorbike accident (yep, I was one of the few sensible teenagers).

Since that time, I have been dealing with and coming to terms with this new way of life, thinking and working at not becoming angry with every annoying person and inaccessible choice you make.

From the planning every miniscule detail of a trip, slowly teaching friends that an acceptable option for a night out isn’t in the basement of a night club without and elevator (no, I don’t want to be carried by three drunk people down a flight of stairs) and being met with broken elevators or 5 stairs after you called a restaurant in advance asking if they have an accessible entrance.

Whilst there are tonnes of blogs out there in the world, I have always wanted to start my own to provide a space for accessibility options, ideas on different equipment that seems to be limited, travel destinations that I visit and my thoughts on all thing disability to help the rest of the community with a physical disability.

If there is anything that you would like me to focus on, please contact me via my contact page.

(Note: This is very early stages of my blog so I will slowly be updating it over the next few weeks)

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